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VGA configuration in RedHat

Friends, this has been a chronic problem with me, for
the last few years. When I install Redhat.... during
installation it configures the VGA and does a
graphical install (instead of a textmode install).
After installation when I try to run it, normally, it
says, that it cannot configure the screen and monitor
and runs in the text mode instead of graphical mode. 

I simply fail to understand, why can't it use the same
configuration that it used during the installation. I
try to modify the configuration files but I cannot
manage the configuration that it had itself figured
out during installation.

Can someone tell me a method, thru which I can use
that configuration, that it automatically selects and
uses during installation.

BTW, this problem has existed nearly all the versions
of the Rehdat and now it also happens with Fedora.


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