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Dell RD1000 Catridges / Backup Tapes


I am just looking for a bit of help. (Red Hat Enterprise Linux4)

I have 6x 120gb RD1000 cartridges that I would like to use to backup one of
my servers

I'd like to do the following

a) Cart1 - Monday
b) Cart2 - Wednesday
c) Cart3 - Friday
d) Cart4 - Monthly 1
e) Cart5 - Monthly 2
f) Cart5 - End of College Term

I have partitioned all 6 tapes using ext3 file system (all identical sizes),
and have told them to use /rd1000 as its mount point.

I can get the 1st cartridge to work as I would like, but when I eject it and
try to use any other carts, they dont use the mount point.

Could anyone offer any solutions, i've wrote a .sh script to dump out SQL
and some other items onto the tape.

Bascially what I would like to do is put the Monday cartridge in, it will
backup, and eject, then on wednesday, insert the wednesday cartridge and
that will mount as /rd1000 then let the backup perform later on that day,
and so on.

John Paul Szkudlapski
Computer Services 
Birkenhead Sixth Form College
t: +44 151 651 3720
f: +44 151 653 4419
m: +44 770 275 3329

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