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RE: Dell RD1000 Catridges / Backup Tapes

Hi Gerrard 

> I can get the 1st cartridge to work as I would like, but when I eject
> and
> try to use any other carts, they dont use the mount point.

>>Could you possibly expand a bit on this point?
>>Do the other tapes mount but only to a different location or does the
>>device not mount at all after ejecting the tape.
>>I'm guessing here but it sounds like an automount problem.

Say I insert the Monday Cartridge - it automatically mounts as /rd1000

then if i eject the Cartridge and put the Wednesday cartridge in, it is
visible as /dev/sdb but does not use the assigned mount point of /rd1000

I have just been tinkering around with commands on the server and the
following seemed to work

#insert cartridge
mount /dev/sdb1 /rd1000
#check cartridge
cd /rd1000
ls {which lists the file system ok!}

I can then write information to the tape

to eject the cartridge i have to

#unmount cartridge
umount -f /rd1000
#eject catridge
eject /dev/sdb

I suppose I could add them to the top and bottom of my .sh script and get
the script to run as a cron on the days I need it to.

John Paul Szkudlapski
Computer Services - BSFC
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Birkenhead Sixth Form College

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