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Re: logrotate Problem

Vivek Mangal wrote:
Hello All,

I have a Problem to create the log file.
Which log file?  Is it not created?  Or, not rotated?
You're not providing enough info for us to help you.

Log file did not  compress and  they did not rotate weekly.
i donot know what is the problem.
Which version of RH?
Did you read the man page for logrotate?
It says logrotate is controled be a cron job.
Did you look in /etc/cron.weekly? /etc/cron.daily?
What sets off logrotate?
Do you see 0anacron in those directories?
Is the cron damon running?

and i configured logrotate.conf as
all the entries in /etc/logrotate.d/* are correct.
their are any other file which are responsible for it ?
and how can i solve it ?
\\\\\\\\ /etc/logrotate.conf file\\\\\\\\\\
# see "man logrotate" for details
# rotate log files weekly
# keep 4 weeks worth of backlogs
rotate 4
# create new (empty) log files after rotating old ones
# uncomment this if you want your log files compressed
# RPM packages drop log rotation information into this directory
include /etc/logrotate.d
# no packages own wtmp -- we'll rotate them here
/var/log/wtmp {
    create 0664 root utmp
    rotate 1
\\\\\\\\\\ End of Log file \\\\\\\\\\

veritatis simplex oratio est

Andrew Bacchi
Systems Programmer
Information Technologies Infrastructure
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
phone: 518.276.6415  fax: 518.276.2809


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