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Re: [OT] postfix and multiple domains help

> Mike Burger wrote:
>>> I know this is off-topic, but I've run out of ideas (and ways to Google
>>> it), so I'm begging for help here.  I've got a postfix mail server on
>>> RHEL 4 that serves up 4 or 5 virtual mail domains.  That in itself was
>>> really easy.


>> What I did was create a file, /etc/postfix/virtusertable, formatted like
>> so:
>> domain1.org Descriptive Name of domain 1
>> user1 domain1 org localusername1
>> user2 domain1 org localusername2
>> @domain1.org localusernameX (this domain user wished a catch all)
>> domain2.org Descriptive Name of domain 2
>> user1 domain2 org localusername


> This is fine,but I'm not using local users directly.  I'm using virtual
> mailboxes and virtual domains.  I have a customer who owns several
> domains and wants individual mailboxes for each domain.  So, I have set
> everything up for that using /etc/postfix/vmailbox with entries like:
> johndoe domain1 org	domain1.org/johndoe/
> janedoe domain2 org	domain2.org/janedoe/
> so that I do not need to create/manage so many local user accounts.  The
> problem is how I alias 'jane domain2 org' to 'janedoe domain2 org' with
> this setup.  It's completely eluded me so far.

I think you might be trying to work it in a more difficult fashion than it
needs to be.

If the user wants "janedoe domain2 org" to receive mail for
"jane domain2 org", you only need one local account.  Set up all the
virtual users, for whom "janedoe" is supposed to receive email, to point
at janedoe, i.e.

jane domain2 org  janedoe
janedeer domain2 org  janedoe
janedoe2 domain2 org  janedoe

Then, let the user set up their mail client to send mail as whichever
address they want to reflect as "From:".  That could be "janedoe", or
something completely different.

"jane domain2 org", "janedoe domain2 org" and "joanne domain2 org" can all
point to the same actual user, and that user's login name could be

The thing to keep in mind is that as long as there are aliases or virtual
addresses, and as long as they can configure their mail client to display
the address they want to use, the username that they use to log in and
retrieve their email doesn't matter.

Mike Burger

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