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Re: Strange dependencies added by rpmbuild

On 21/01/2008, Mertens, Bram <mertensb mazdaeur com> wrote:

> Because it complained about those 3 dependencies and because those
> "odbc" libraries didn't appear to make much sense to me (the agent
> should only contact its so-called policy server not a DB directly) I
> tried to figure out why those were reported as dependencies by RPM while
> the installer obivously didn't need them.  It didn't even consider them
> important enough to throw a warning.

> My guess is that these dependencies are in act dependencies of the
> installer itself "InstallAnywhere by Macrovision" rather than the
> software itself.  The installer appears to install several additional
> files with the software - probably part of the non-working uninstall
> script.

But *you* control what you put into the %files section of your RPM
package, and therefore you can choose to exclude any files you don't
need. Well, you didn't post the package spec file. But rpmbuild finds
dependencies for all files included in the package.

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