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Re: Shearing file systems on the network

On Thu, Jan 24, 2008 at 09:22:08AM -0800, Peter Blajev wrote:
> I have 4 systems and each one of them has a partition I'd like to be remotely 
> accessible on the other 3 systems.
> In other words System1 has Partition1. Systems 2,3,4 should be able to 
> remotely mount Partition1 from System1. Also System2 has Partition2. Then 
> systems 1,3,4 should be able to remotely mount Partition2 from System2 and so 
> on.
> I tried NFS and it works but only in the ideal world. If one of the systems 
> goes down the whole NFS cross-mounting makes the other systems somewhat 
> unstable. It's a known issue and I believe you guys are aware of it but I 
> just had to see it myself.
> What would you recommend? What is the best practice for doing that?

samba will work fine for this, as each machine assumes a server role
that is independant of other systems. You may want to also look at dfs
tree's and how you can build a bit of server independance. You will
want to look at using something like ldap for userid/password/group
management since you will have N number of servers that will likely
want to have the same authentication realm.

> Unfortunately SAN and NAS are not really an option due to some financial 
> restructions. I'm thinking SMB...? Would that work?
> Thank you
> Peter
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