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Re: Minimal RHEL4 install

On Thu, 24 Jan 2008, Barry Brimer wrote:

I know this is for CentOS .. but I have used it with RHEL with no problems.

no -- it is NOT "for CentOS" ;) CentOS was merely the platform at which 'we sat down to develop and document a kickstart configuration file and script, to work generally for any anaconda installation mediated host' RHEL is one.

The script also works fine for RHL 6.0 on, Aurora 1 on, my Netwinders, Scientific Linux (all), Yellow Dog Linux 3 on, or (one assumes) any Fedora. Each use anaconda, and have sufficient minimal %post scripting capabilities.


All the action happens in the script part in the %post -- it was not optimized for speed, and the whitelist handling is not so good, and stale but hey -- I've been doing hands off installations and testing for a long time now. Speed was (and is) not in the design requrements.

But, nothing prevents a person from running it on a standalone basis, post-install. I pushed a copy a while back to:
so I may pull and run it to put a fat box on a starter diet. [last August, I started stashing bits and pieces I use at local LUG presentations in that part of the FTP tree -- Don't worry; the Debian and OS/X bits are harmless ;) ]

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