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Re: How to change IP address

- what i always do is edit the files in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts dir, like file ifcfg-eth0
- maybe /etc/sysconfig/network, somtimes the default gateway is noted here
- maybe also configurationfiles of you apache webserver /etc/httpd/conf/http.conf, - firewall setting if you used the local ip address in it the rules
- maybe a firewall on your network if you have togo to the internet
- dns server entry on your network or in your /etc/hosts file
- maybe change the address of the dns server you are using if you have another dns server on your new network in the  /etc/resolve file

You can prepare the changes up front, but first loose the current network connection. Just take your time.

Grood luck,

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Subject: How to change IP address

I need to change the IP address on several RHEL 4 machines.
Is it as simple as going into the
system-config-network gui and changing the IP address there?
Are there other files I need to edit and change?
Should I make the change prior to moving the machine to the new subnet
or after I move it?

Dave Martini

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