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Re: Questions

On Sun, 27 Jan 2008, Nathan Robertson wrote:


I am evaluating Red Hat Enterprise Linux on an HP Proliant ML115 machine and
I'm having some issues getting it set up properly.

First, the system doesn't recognize all of my installed memory.  I am
running 64 bit version of Red Hat 5.  I have 8GBs of memory and the system
(using free) states that I only have 3GBs available.  How do I get Red Hat
to recognize all of my system memory?

I believe you need the PAE kernel .. assuming your system does PAE. Try installing it with "yum install kernel-PAE" .. the PAE might be in lower case .. not sure if it matters.

Second, I can't get Red Hat to display correctly on my Dell monitor.  If I
set the display resolution for 1024x768 then the bottom 10th of the screen
becomes pixelated and unusable.  Also 1024x768 is the highest resolution the
system will let me use.  The built in graphics card is a Matrox Millennium
which Red Hat detects as a G200.  It has run at 1024x768 in other operating

If you are unable to find the setting you would like with the detected hardware, you can use the generic settings in system-config-display.


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