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Re: Block PC using Mac address in squid

On 30Jan2008 22:12, Mad Unix <madunix gmail com> wrote:
| > | I tried as in /etc/squid/squid.conf
| > |   acl block arp 00:13:45:d3:24:e4
| > |   https_access deny block
| > | but it give me error as like: - (This is the output of # squid -k parse)
| > | aclParseAclLine: Invalid ACL type 'arp'
| > | FATAL: Bungled squid.conf line 1234: acl block arp 00:13:45:d3:24:e4
| > | squid Cache (Version 2.5.STABLE6): Terminated abnormally.
| >
| > The normal squid.conf describes the "arp" acl type and says:
| >
| > The arp ACL requires the special configure option --enable-arp-acl.
| >
| > So you will need to rebuild squid from source with this option.
| > Then you should be fine.
| question: i did the install of squid through yum , how can i add the MAC
| support in this case...

Fetch the squid source. Build with correct option and also
--prefix=/usr/local. Install. Run the new one and not the yum one.

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