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Mystery Drive.....


I got a handful of servers handed over to me and I noticed one of them (on
boot up) was complaining about /dev/sdc having bad blocks and other various

So I thought I would umount it and fsck etc.....

Come to find out this disk is no longer attached to the box, it currently
has an sda(1-8) and a sdb(1) plus one sdd SAN mount.

I ran fdisk -l to take a peek (and sure enough the drive doesn't exist (but
it complains here as well).

I've also checked my /etc/fstab and nothing exists there either.

I've also grep'd the system to see if there was some sort of script (via
cron etc) trying to mount a /dev/sdc or something at boot.

Q. How do you properly remove a drive 100% from the system (obviously it's
still trying to use this non-existent device). I thought maybe just using
"rm" on the device file in question would work but I didn't try it yet.
Q. Is there a set of tools/script/command for removing non-existent drives?

PS. I've seen this similar situation before where the system was trying to
mount stale (non-existent) drives from an old SAN setup, but I can't
remember how I fixed it. :(

I appreciate any advice.

Thank you.

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