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Re: Installing RHEL 5.2 on Sun hardware - Sun Universal Xport

Maybe I didn't get your idea, but maybe changing udev rules might help

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On 01.10.2008, at 0:58, GT4NE1 <GT4NE1 gmail com> wrote:

Hello all,

I've got a new Sun Fire X4200 with an attached 2530 SAS array I'm
trying to install RHEL 5.2 x86_64 on.  It seems to be seeing my SAS
RAID controller first because when the RHEL install goes to find the
disks it finds a Sun Universal Xport (16MB) at /dev/sda and my
internal RAID 1 SAS logical disk (64GB) at /dev/sdb

How can I get it to see the internal disk first so I can install to / dev/sdb?

I've tried searching about the Sun Universal Xport and it seem to be
some kind of booting from SAN thing which is why I think it sees the
2530 disks first.



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