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Suse has a lot of non mainstream technology, which they are eliminating later, breaking the compatibility.

Like they used to offer reiserfs as a default fs. Which is ehhh breaking badly sometimes.

They used to offer AppArmor, which is now being replaced.

There are more of such examples. Custom OpenOffice with early OOXML support etc.

Do you really trust the company that changes their mind so frequently? ;))

Br, andrey

P.s. I'll search for a couple of slides that compare both and send them to you in case i find them.

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On 01.10.2008, at 0:18, Mike Cronenworth <mike cchtml com> wrote:

Hi all,

The company I work for wants to force me to develop under SUSE instead of what I requested: RHEL. I program for a small part of the company that is usually forgotten about as currently our customers are running our software on SCO. However, the larger part of my company is using SUSE as their future environment and they wish to develop all softwares on a single platform.

I don't blame them for wanting a single OS, but I'd love some material showing how RHEL would benefit a smaller sized business market versus SUSE. Is there a page similar to Novell's[1] marketing page that I could use as ammunition for my choice for RHEL? A Red Hat sales representative won't change their minds. Only I could, and I think my chances of winning are slim to none. Red Hat's interaction with the community and the community's interaction with Red Hat has substantial more value in my eyes than SUSE's reliance upon Microsoft's bidding.


P.S. I was given a copy of RHEL 5 a few months ago, but strangely they have changed their minds.

[1] http://www.novell.com/products/server/compare.html
(click on the Red Hat tab to see the SUSE versus RHEL comparison)
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