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RHEL 5.2 -> Sun 2540 Fibre Disk Array


I'd like to get some opinions before I venture on this. I have a couple of Sun servers running RHEL 5.2. They all have fibre cards and are connected to a Sun 2540 Fibre Disk Array. I've allocated a chunk of disk space space on the SAN to be used for /home.

Previously, I would have set up an NFS server and mounted /home from the other servers. But now, that everything is connected directly to the SAN I could mount /home directly without using NFS.

Is this possible or am I still going to need an NFS server to control access to /home? The more I think about it, the more it worries me because /home is a logical volume. Can I have all the servers accessing this partion at the same time? If I can't have all the machines mount /home directly from the SAN, then that sort of defeats the purpose of having the SAN for /home, IMO.

What would be the best way for setting this up?

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