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Looking for Red Hat / Linux client software compatible with Sidewinder G2 firewall

Hi Red Hat experts--
Our IT department has implemented a Sidewinder G2 firewall.  However,
for the Linux users at our organization who wish to VPN from home or on
the road into our network, this poses a problem.  

The IT department folks tell us that there is only a gateway-to-client
solution for Windows XP/Vista and Mac users.  The company Secure
Computing only makes this Safenet Softremote software for Windows and
Mac users.

Is there an open source or Linux / Red Hat version of some software that
will essentially do the same thing as the SafeNet Softremote software?

(I hope that I am using the term gateway-to-client correctly.  The Linux
boxes and laptops that we have would be the client, and the gateway is
the firewall or thru the firewall?)

Nick Stamatakos

Nick Stamatakos
US Naval Observatory
3450 Observatory Circle, NW
Washington DC  20392
202 762 1518
stamatakos nick usno navy mil

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