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Re: Redhat Cluster Suite / GFS

Alright - I have to say that Redhat docs suck sometimes, and this is one of those times. I've spent most of my day fooling around with this unsuccessfully.

I'm trying to configure GFS on a SAN. I've created the logical volume and a partition on it using gfs2. When I try to mount it, I get these errors:

/sbin/mount.gfs2: can't connect to gfs_controld: Connection refused

I googled it and found a reference to gfs2-tool, cman, etc. Why doesn't the RedHat docs mention this in the GFS admin docs?

I don't want the other aspects of clustering, just the shared file system. Do I still need to configure a cluster to use gfs2? It seems odd that I would need to.


Ryan Golhar wrote:
Nevermind.  The docs refer to gfs, however it should be gfs2

Ryan Golhar wrote:
Does anyone know how I get Redhat Cluster Suite? The docs says GFS is included as part of RHEL 5 Advanced Platform, but I don't see that anywhere online.

Is this something I need to purchase from RedHat?

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