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RE: Restrict access to a particular server.

You want something like this:

Iptables -A INPUT -s machine_A -p tcp --dport 1521 -j ACCEPT

This rule means allow access to port 1521 from IP machine_A.
Of course this rule alone will not prevent all-and-sundry from
Connecting to the server on any port, so you'll need to add
Many more rules to secure your server.


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Hi All,I have two machines with Red Hat linux 5.2 installed of which one
is a database server running Oracle 10.0.4 on it. I need a iptable rule
which would make sure that only the other machine would have access to

For eg : If I have two macihnes, machine A and machine B, of which
machine B is a database server, can I setup a iptable rule on machine B
, which would allow access to the database only by machine A.

Please help.

Rohit Khaladkar
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