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Linux guest OS shuts down after login

hi , 


I am evaluating Vmware Infrastructure 3 . I Cold Clone my physical
machine (P2V conversion) running RHEL 4 ( 64 bit -kernel version
2.6.9-67.0.4 ELSMP) using Vmware converter Enterprise Boot CD ( version
4.0.2). After the conversion I got kernel Panic in Virtual machine. I
then followed the steps at 

=displayKC&externalId=1002402  (basically change scsi controller to LSI
logic , install new ramdisk image etc.)

I also changed the Guest operating system from other to Red Hat
enterprise 4 Linux 64bit. 

Now the Virtual machine boots . but approximately 2minutes after I login
it shuts down. I tried going single user mode, text mode but same thing.
I can not install Vmware Tools as it reboots. 

I already posted this onto VMware Forum but didn't get response so
though will try here.  Has anyone experienced similar issue ????



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