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Re: Errata updates for RHEL

For the 5.2 box, after the RHN registration, you can do (as root) a:

yum -y update

This will perform all the necessary updates and will essentially resolve dependencies without intervention provided that your network connection is fairly reliable and that you have enough space on /var, /usr to get those updates (usually not a problem).

For the 4.1 box, judging from the number of updates you need, if I were you, I would:

i)Backup everything up on portable drives (system partitions: /, /etc/ ,/usr/ /var/ and other) and

ii)Download the latest media from your RHN subscription channel (Software Download section)

iii)Re-install the OS from the new media.

iv)Keep the backup handy in case the box came with other apps that are non RH specific and restore the non-standard bits and bobs.


George Magklaras

Senior Computer Systems Engineer/UNIX Systems Administrator
EMBnet Technical Management Board
The Biotechnology Centre of Oslo,
University of Oslo

Venkata Vuppala wrote:
Hi Experts,

I am new bie to Linux from Solaris. We have two servers which came to us as part of  transition. I registered the machine using rhn_register ( one is 4.1nehant and the other 5.2 )
and when I clicked on the portal there are 100's for 5.2 and around 5000 for 4.1 ( Errata updates) available to be installed.

Is it a good advice to configure yum & up2date in this circumstances or I can keep selecting and click for install. Please advice.

Venkata Vuppala

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