Solaris Commands on Linux

Venkata Vuppala murthy_vuppala at
Fri Jan 2 11:45:37 UTC 2009

Hi Yong,

Thanks for replying.
I am able to sort the equivalent commands with little hickups.


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What commands do you need? It's better to evaluate individual Solaris
commands and find their Linux counterparts.

In the mean time, check out

Yong Huang

> We have an existing highly efficient scripts working on Solaris, Which
> ects the performance commands output and feeds into our database and the
> ports are produced every month.
> As part of transition we have been given couple of RHEL 4.x & 5.x and
the p=
> erformance commands data doesn't produce the same output as that of
>  and hence we are getting problems producing the reports for Linux servers
> in par with Solaris.
> Do we have any rpm packages, when installed and run will give us the same
> utput as that of Solaris on Linux. Or any Other ideas ?
> Thanks,
> Venkata Vuppala


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