Problem detecting HP Tape Drive

Mehdi Sarmadi msarmadi at
Sun Jan 4 05:16:53 UTC 2009


I do have problem using Linux with an external HP tape drive. The
server platform is also an HP Server; the server is an HP ML350 G4,
and the Tape drive is a HP Storage Works Ultrium 448 - 1U Rack-

HP Ultrium documentation says two drivers should be automatically up,
sym53c8xx for LSI SCSI interface "st" for tape and /proc/scsi/scsi
should contain information about tape drive, e.g. SCSI ID. However
none of them happened in my case! (document: "UP LTO Ultrium 2-3 -
Unix Config Guide")

The SCSI adapter is an LSI53C1030. The system has another the same
adapter which is used for hard disk drives.

The interesting part is, the hard disk are detected and even OS boots
from them, but I can't make the tape drive work. Moreover, in system
boot up, LSI SCSI BIOS displays information saying there is a tape
drive connected!

Any one has same experience, suggestion, comments or clues?

I've place a zip file here:
which contains:

- dmesg
- lshal
- lsmod
- lspci -vv
- cat /proc/scsi/scsi > proc.scsi.scsi
- cat /proc/modules > proc.modules
- uname -a > uname

Also, below there are detailed information about devices and OS config/
log files.

===== System info:
Operating System: Redhat Enterprise Linux AS 5
Sever System: HP ML530 G4
SCSI Adapter: LSI 1030
Tape Drive: HP Storage Works Ultrium 448 - 1U Rack-mountable
SCSI Cable: P/N 313375002 Rev R (coming with tape drive)

*Note that, no other SCSI devices are connected to the cable.

===== Here is some parts of boot up messages on the screen of HP ML350
G4 ====
System BIOS D17 (14/04/2005)




Slot 3 HP Smart Array 6400 Controller (192MB, v.2.26) 1 Logic Drive
1794-Slot 3 Drive Arraye - Array Accelerator Battery Charge low
Array Accelerator Posted-Write Cache is temporarilty Disabled
Array Accelerator batteries hace failed to charge and should be

Slot 3 HP Smart Array 6400 EM Controller (192MB, v.2.26) 1 Logic Drive
Tape or CD-ROM Drive(s) Detected:
SCSI Port 2: SCSI ID 1
1785-Slot 3 Drive Arraye Not Configured
No Drives Detected

[Followed by GRUB and Linux boot up]

Mehdi Sarmadi

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