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>> New job, and I'm looking at backup software. Anyone who's used bacula, I'd appreciate comments on the system.

Thanks. At the moment, it's only a three-month contract, but it's work, *and* I'll get to add two *really* important acronyms to my resume, VMware and SAN. <g>
>bacula works as advertised,

That's nice to know. I see it comparing itself to, say, Legato's NetWorker. How hard is it to set up?

>also look into amanda

I gather we want a console, rather than just scripting....

>or many variations of snap(vault/mirror/shot) that are out there

Mmmm... if that's SNAP backup, it looks like it's free for individual users, and we'll need it for serious network backups.

Thanks for such a quick reply!

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