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>>| Ok, I've *just* become aware of a new requirement, and that would seem
>>| to preclude, say, Bacula. This is that I *cannot* have a backup initiated
>>| from the repository server - it *must* be initiated client side. So,
>>| what am I looking at, amanda, or am I back to say, rsync and/or scp?
>>What if the client prods the repository server, which then starts a
> Not sure (from his response) if that's really acceptable. Heh - I think I found my next F/OSS project....
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Start reading the sources or the documentation! Join the mailing list
and read the archives. If you are planning the back up strategy them
plan it well. If if it's a legacy system them read up!!!!

Man, bacula is a beast. Took me some real time to get the jargon but
it /works/ and you can more or less leave it alone to do its job.

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