Kernel update for RHEL 5 -- Success

Erling Ringen Elvsrud erlingre at
Wed Jan 7 07:50:28 UTC 2009

On 12/30/08, mark <m.roth2006 at> wrote:
> You've very welcome. One thing, though: is the system itself hardened? If not,
> you should consider it, and for that, my best recommendation is Bastille Linux,
> which is a hardening set of scripts, which I was just informed (during an
> interview!) was mentioned and suggested by NIST.

As far as I know Bastille do not support RHEL5, and the Bastille
project also seems to be a bit stalled. According to the webpage a new
version was to be released on january 14th 2008, but it has not
appeared. The newest version I have found is 3.2.1 released sept 25th


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