zLinux: RHEL on IBM mainframe

Kenneth Holter kenneho.ndu at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 12:14:24 UTC 2009


Does anyone have experience with running RHEL on IBM mainframe? In
particular, I'm curious about what implications this has for the linux
system administration part of it, such as these:

   - Whick package repositories are available?
   - Are there any EPEL-like repos for zLinux?
   - Can we use our Red Hat Satellite Server to manage packages for zLinux?
   - Are there many tweak and issues I need to be aware of?

We currently have quite a few RHEL servers based on x86 hardware, so I'm
basically interested in what kind of changes/adjustments I must implement
to add IBM mainframe to our list of hardware platforms. Please let me know
if there are other mailing lists that are more suitable for this topic.

Kenneth Holter

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