Traffic going to eth1 is goin

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Tue Jan 13 19:52:24 UTC 2009

Did you assign to eth0. Clear the ARP cache on your
switch/server. Then try again.  


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I'm scratching my head on this one...

I've configured a server with 2 network interfaces, eth0 and eth1.  eth0

= and eth1 =  eth1 seemed to work properly,

but whenever I open a connection to, I see the traffic on 

Digging deeper led me to this finding.  When there is an arp who-has, the arp reply contains the MAC address of eth0 instead of


Both ports are connected to a Cisco Catalyst switch.

Any idea of how this could happen and the solution?  The only cause that

I can think of is that at the beginning, I tried configuring bonding on 
this server, so both interfaces seemed to have the same MAC address, but

  I configured this bonded interface with only one IP address anyway, 
and I think it was in another subnet.

Any idea welcome.



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