yum issues with RedHat 5 servers

Aaron Bliss abliss at brockport.edu
Thu Jan 15 20:32:29 UTC 2009

As a long time RedHat user and customer, honestly this is one of the lamest
issues I've seen with a RedHat ES/AS distribution, in so much is that it
seems to be related directly with rhn and that this prevents us essentially
from routinely being able to schedule patches to our servers and to install
software to the servers on the fly (I wonder how much flack Mirosoft would
take if they had this sort of issue with Windows Update).  I don't mean to
bash the distribution here (I'm actually moving our organization to RedHat
from a predominately Solaris environment), however having done some googling
around, this is an issue that has existed since RedHat 5 was in beta....

I was able to update one of the servers I'm having trouble with, only to
turn around literally 2 minutes later to run yum check-update on the exact
same box, and to run into the exact error again...


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I confirm that we face the same problem with various servers and we 
attribute this to RHN capacity issues. We had some luck if we delete the 
/var/spool/up2date/loginAuth.pkl in some of our boxes. For others we 
have not managed.

Does anyone know if there is a redhat bugzilla report for this? This 
might raise the status of the issue. If I do not find one, I shall raise 


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Aaron Bliss wrote:
> Hi all,
> On a consistent basis, several RedHat 5 servers produce the following
> when attempting to update the boxes:
> error was [Errno -1] Metadata file does not match checksum
> Googling this error, I've tried:
> yum clean all
> yum clean metadata
> rm -rf /var/cache/yum/*
> None of those seem to have any lasting effect.  We have several Centos
> servers, none of which have this issue.  This problem is only effecting
> RedHat servers.  Is there any real solution to this problem?  Is there
> anyone actually affiliated with RedHat that can say this issue is being
> addressed?  I've found a post dated back to 2006 speaking of this issue:
> l
> Obviously not being able to consistently patch servers is a serious issue.
> Aaron

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