How to Clone IDE to SATA

sanjay dass sanjays.dass117 at
Mon Jan 19 06:58:59 UTC 2009

Hi All

I am trying to make mirror copy of hard drive, The RedHat 4.0 is
installed on IDE hard drive.
the partitions are /dev/hda1 mounted as boot,
/dev/hda2 mounted as /, /dev/hda3 mounted ad swap

lsmod command was not showing ata_piix loaded, so I compiled the
kernel for SATA support then I ran the lsmod command and found that
lsmod is showing ata_piix loaded

the output of lsmod

ata_piix               17609  6
libata                 96857  ata_piix

also I added alias in modprobe.conf file
alias scsi_hostadapter ata_piix

For mirroring I took SATA drive and created exact partition as IDE,
and then copy the / data except /boot, /proc directories through rsync
rsync -av / --exclude=/boot --exclude=/proc --exclude=/mnt /mnt/sata

then I transferd the Image of boot partition on /dev/sda1 through dd command.

and followed the following steps
1) changed the FSTAB file, removed /dev/hda1 and replaced /dev/sda1
2) edited grub.conf and changed root=/dev/sda3
3) reinstalled grub on /dev/sda

and tried to boot the machine from SATA hard drive, I get error when
RedHat is Loading

mount error 6 and mount error 22
kernel is not syncing

Could some one please help how to I transfer Image from IDE to SATA


How do I move a linux installed from a
IDE hard drive to a SATA one
I have tried it with ghost and it fails big time.

Is there any way to prepare linux to move IDE to a
sata drive

I got error kernel not syncing

mount error 22 and 06

The df -h shows

/dev/hda1 mounted ad


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