Man command not working as a ordinary user

Erling Ringen Elvsrud erlingre at
Tue Jan 20 10:21:48 UTC 2009


For instance "man ls" works as usual as root, but when executed as an ordinary
user nothing appears exept "(END)" from the pager (less).
I have used rpm -V on the man and man-pages pacakges without finding
any changes and have also reinstalled both packages.

The /var directory was moved from the root filesystem to its own a
while ago, but I did not notice anything after. The files was moved
from the old /var to the new with the following command: "cd /var; tar
cpf - ./* | tar xvpf - -C /newvar/" so I think
all permissions and ownerships should be correct. /var was later moved
to /oldvar and /newvar to var.

I cannot think of any other actions potentially interfering with man.

Do you have any suggestions for where I can start looking for errors?


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