Console problem

George Magklaras georgios at
Wed Jan 28 18:20:03 UTC 2009

When you say flood, I assume this is continuous. What happens when you 
try Ctrl+L to clear the screen? Does it get any better. Also, in my mind 
(*maybe I am wrong in this*, but I remember logging in with no problems 
in a similar situation), flooding the console with syslog messages 
should not affect stdin in this case (the characters appear but it does 
not mean they are in your stdin, the keyboard). Are you sure that's the 
reason you can't login?


m.roth2006 at wrote:
> Bram,
>> Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 17:49:23 +0100
>> From: "Mertens, Bram" <mertensb at>  
>> Probably a bit late for you but perhaps useful as a reference for
>> others/future occasions.
>> If I'm not mistaken switching to another console should solve this,
>> messages are by default logged to the first console.
> Unfortunately, that's not the case. <alt-F2> start to log in, console logs. Ditto with *all* the others....
>          mark
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>>> Ok, I come in a few minutes ago, and go to log into one server. Um,
>>> nope, no response to putty. So I pull up a VMware infrastructure
>>> client, which gets me to a real console... and a problem I've seen
>>> before: I want to log in, but as I try, the console log overwrites
>>> *everything*, and apparently interferes with my login. Is there any
>>> "easy" way to actually log in, without, say, rebooting?
>>>    mark
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