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Re: VMware install *arg!*

Joshua Gimer wrote:
> Try:
> yum install kernel-devel
> vmware-config

Ok, let me, in the interest of full disclosure, say that my workstation is
running openSuSE. The idea on installing vmware was a) to get some knowledge of
it, and b) to look at going up to CentOS 5.

Anyway, with much googling, and suggestions from one or two folks, this is what
I've done so far:
installed kernel-source (openSuSE doesn't have a separate kernel-headers).
I had to do a make .../version.h
Then I tried editing it, to add
#define UTS_RELEASE <kernel#>
Then I read vmware-config.pl, and see that if it's a kernel > 2.6.18, which
mine is, it's looking for utsrelease.h
Fine. I created that, and it *still* doesn't like it. At this point, I'm doing
something I hate, which is debugging code that supposed to be perfect from a
package; in this case vmware-config.pl. I'm working on a test.pl that will
*tell* me what it is looking at, and what it finds, so I can see *why* it
doesn't like it.

	mark "I've had fun. This isn't it."

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