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Re: zLinux: RHEL on IBM mainframe

On 1/9/09, Shawn Wells <swells redhat com> wrote:
> If looking at this from an economical standpoint, your consolidation ratio
> makes or breaks the business case.  RHEL for System z is offered on a
> per-IFL subscription basis with unlimited virtual machines.  At one customer
> they run ~55 virtual machines per IFL on a z9, but do note they're low-end
> web servers, DNS, ftp, etc.

I'm very interested in any input about running memory intensive
applications like IBM Websphere under z/Linux. What kind of workloads
/ servers do you think
works best under z/VM and also realizes most economical benefits?

For instance if I wanted to run 10 lightly loaded zLinux instances
with WAS  on z/VM, how much memory is required for each instance? How
will that compare to 10 instances on vmware with similar workloads if
we only care about money?



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