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Re: VMware and ntp

On Thu, 15 Jan 2009 18:36:53 -0800, mark <m roth2006 rcn com> wrote:

Hey, Marcos,

Marcos Aurelio Rodrigues wrote:
Hi Mark,

Try list's history:

I think, the discussion you want was 2 months ago.

Thanks, but while googling at work, I found it - the problem of losing or
gaining time while running under VMware. Actually, what I also found was in VMware's knowledgebase, which has a page for "Best timekeeping practices for Linux", and says, in so many words, that they recommend using NTP and *not* VMware's time synchronization. They do mention two kernel parms that need to be added to the grub.conf, and that you need to add, as the first line in the
tinker panic 0
I think that's in the right order - I'm at home, and don't have the bookmarks.

But I'd recommend looking up that page, if anyone needs to know.


For the people who care:

It is a very good read for Linux and VMware Full Virtualization

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