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Re: Problem detecting HP Tape Drive


The answer is:

echo "engage scsi" > /proc/drivers/cciss/cciss1

With that thing everything worked fine.
Thanks every one for your help
Mehdi Sarmadi

On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 8:31 PM, Nigel Wade <nmw ion le ac uk> wrote:

> Mehdi Sarmadi wrote:
>> That's my question!? /proc/scsi/scsi is empty
> I really don't know why that would be. /proc/scsi/scsi is part of the /proc
> pseudo
> filesystem. The fact that that "file" is empty indicates to me that there's
> something
> fairly fundamentally wrong with your SCSI driver setup.
> Does this happen when the system is newly booted?

Yes, It does.

> Does the same happen if the tape drives
> are disconnected from the SCSI bus?

Yes, but boot messages(before OS boot up) are not shown on the screen
obviously. I have no

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