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Re: Linux server hangs

Dear Kurian Thayil.
This is through remote user consoles, like telnet, FTP & SSH from Clients like Windows XP, Fedora & SUSE OS,  our network is fine, on the other hand i have one NIS server with 50 users purely work on the Dump Terminals by logging into NIS server. that server is fast.
But this server behaves diffrently. if i run sar command the optput is fine with low values, i am suspecting with the SATA 250 GB Disk, this is because when compare to SCSI disk (Fast). any other way to debug this issue.

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Hi Vishnu,

Are you feeling the server hangs with the remote console (SSH/Telnet) or
is it in the Server Console itself??? With my very little knowledge,
the the I/O operations (utilizing the network) gets worse if the network
isn't strong.


Kurian Thayil.

Vishnu Vardhan Reddy wrote:
> Dear All,
> I just had a really bad experience with one of the IBM Server which
> has Red Hat RHEL 4 WS with update 6 OS on it. It has two SATA hard
> disks out of which one is of 80 GB( contains /boot, / & swap
> partitions) and on other disk 250 GB single partition ( /data).
> On this serve I am currently running samba, nfs, ftp services & some
> embedded tools, with 20 users who works entirely on this server
> through telnet, samba services, and compiles the source on this
> related to embedded tools.
> My problem is, if all the users are logged in through telnet, ftp and
> access data through samba and perform some I/O operations like
> copying, moving and deleting data, the server getting hanged for 30
> seconds and further becomes slow until the application is closed or
> completed, this effects other users terminals.
> As per my observation if I copy some 500 MB file from partition to
> partition, from disk to disk, or when I start checkout from CVS the
> CPU utilization is showing less, but server freezes for some time.
> Even I cont open any file through VI, after the application is closed
> the server becomes fast, all the users can work with VI editor.
> Can anyone help me in this issue?
> Thanks
> Vishnu

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