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Re: how to send a sms with redhat

Manuel Aróstegui wrote:
El mié, 08-07-2009 a las 14:53 +0200, Daniel Carrillo escribió:
2009/7/8 ESGLinux <esggrupos gmail com>:
Hi all,
Do you know any way to send a sms to a cellular phone.

I´m monitoring a server and I want to send a sms whet the server is down

I´m using RHEL 5.3 and I don´t know if it comes with a software to do thist
We are using gnokii with a Siemens MC35 GSM modem, working fine.

Yep, we use gnokii too with a small script which sends the SMS with a
certain text depending on the alert.


Do you find this to be much more reliable than sending via email to the providers network?

Just curious as to why you're not using the email version of the phone number instead. Also, I use a vendor who is a SMS gateway to deliver to customer's hand-sets but only because it provides visibility down to the hand-set level and gives us much greater deliverability. This is overkill for server notifications (depending on provider) but adding for information purposes.

Josh Miller, RHCE/VCP
Seattle, WA
Linux Solutions Provider
Website:  http://itsecureadmin.com/

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