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Re: how to send a sms with redhat

Hi again,
Finally, you have convinced me,

Afler a not productive search I think the easiest way to do what I want is
to use the GSM phone attached to the server and use gnokii to send the

One question, I have a nokia 6210 and I want to attach it by usb cable. But
I don´t know it is possible,

which phone do you use? any recommendation?

Thanks for your time,


2009/7/9 Manuel Aróstegui <manuel todo-linux com>

> El jue, 09-07-2009 a las 08:33 +0200, ESGLinux escribió:
> > 2009/7/8 Josh <serjosh gmail com>
> >
> > > You can just use email via the command line.  see
> > > http://www.emailtextmessages.com/
> > >
> >
> > Hi, thanks for your answer but in Spain, where I am, I think it does not
> > work,
> >
> > Any spanish people can confirm this?
> Seems that Daniel and me are also from Spain, and both of us decided to
> use a GSM phone attached straight to the server.
> Manuel.
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> Manuel Arostegui Ramirez.
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