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RE: Move LVs

I know you're wondering if there's a simple way to do this using LV
tools such as "lvmove <old VG> <new VG>, but I can't think of one.
However, here's one solution:

1. Create a snapshot for the old LV
2. use dd to create an image of the LV
3. create your new LV
4. use dd to write the image to the new LV

There will be a point in this process where any data written to the old
Will not exist in the dd image and thus could require an outage.

Let me know if you want more details of the steps.

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Hi all... i wanna ask u something... is there any way to move one LV
from one VG to another...? i mean... is there any command ? or something
like that... (AIX has the cplv for example)


Thanks in advance.

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