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Re: Why web client accesses lower-case URLs?

Im not sure of any recent browsers that convert case. Im thinking this  
is more p.e.b.k.a.c.

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On Jul 16, 2009, at 6:37 PM, "Yong Huang" <yong321 yahoo com> wrote:

> [Excuse me for a message not really related to Red Hat Linux.]
> I have a bunch of static html and txt files using mixed case, say,  
> SomeFile.html, linked to from a main page. Apache access log often  
> shows that some clients, which could be from anywhere in the world,  
> try to access the file somefile.html and of course get 404 return  
> code. Yesterday one single client tried to access quite a number of  
> these in all lower-case (and failed). All successfully retrieved  
> pages happened to be files that are indeed all lower-case. Since I  
> can't find the real user from the client IP, is there anything I can  
> do on my end to solve the problem, short of renaming all files to  
> all lower-case or creating symbolic links (or perhaps moving the  
> files to a Microsoft IIS server)? What kind of web browser is the  
> client possibly using?
> Yong Huang
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