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RE: backup system for RHEL

I use Xen snapshot like so:

1. create a snapshot file - this can probably be quite small (depending on usage but 1G is probably enough)

lvcreate -s -L 1G -n <name of snapshot>

2. then backup your partition with something like this:

dd if=/dev/<volume_group>/<name of snapshot> of=<path/lvm_backup.img> bs=1M

3. if you need to restore, do the following:

dd if=< path/lvm_backup.img of=/dev/<volume_group>/<logical_volume_name>

Of course you'll need as much space as the original partition for this but that's the only solution I think.

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Thanks for your answer,
I´ll take a look at openfiler, it looks great.

One question, how do I make a Xen snapshot? With vmware I see the option,
but with Xen not.

any help?



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