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XFS support in RHEL 5u4? (was: Re: redhat-list Digest, Vol 65, Issue 9)

sigpedag a écrit :
ravi kumar a écrit :
Good morning to all......!!

I am using redhat 5.0. I try to use the xfs file system but it is giving error when i type #mkfs.xfs /dev/sda13 it is says "uknow
file system type xfs". I installed rpms readline-2.2.rpm and
xfsprogs.rpm then i get that error.........what can i do. Any body
know please tell me........!!

XFS isn't supported by Red Hat yet, it will be in Red Hat 6.0.

The xfsprogs package includes a collection of programs to manage xfs
 filesystems but what you really need is a XFS kernel module.

Here are your options :

- Wait for Red Hat 6.0 - Rebuild a kernel with XFS enabled - Try
CentOS 5


I was browsing the release notes of the upcoming "update 4" of Red hat
Enterprise v5 and apparently the XFS filesystem will be supported in
this release.


" Filesystems

[...] Support for the XFS file system has also been added to the kernel

Any tester of the beta version of RHEL 5u4 to confirm?



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