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Re: SAMBA migration issue

 On 08/02/2010 12:35 AM, Revnon wrote:
4)In terms of the tdb files, have you backed them up during the file
migration? (usually under
/var/lib/samba). Usually I do (see SAMBA HOW TO 41. Managing TDB files. I am
not sure how tdb file lookup could affect performance at large.
Hmm, didn't move these files, as well as, secrets.tdb over.
Just wondering if now i move these files from OLD server to the NEW server,
and restart SMB, will it helps?

If you have the maintenance window (production server?) you should try moving those files as well and re-install Samba to get rid of these messages. I am not sure this is the cause of your problem (never heard or seen TDB lookups slowing down something), but it will be one pain less. Keep me posted as I am curious to know.

George Magklaras
Senior Systems Engineer/IT Manager
Biotek Center, University of Oslo
EMBnet TMPC Chair


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