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Re: SAMBA migration issue

I have taken offline the existing New Server and revert back to Old Server.
Now it's just as fast and normal.
Seriously no idea what wrong. Here are more info:

Old Server : Running RHEL 4.8, Samba 3.033, 1GB ram, 300GB x 2 as RAID-1
Samba shares are on RAID-1.
New Server : Hostname/IP same as Old Server. Running RHEL 5.5, Samba 3.033,
4GB ram, 146GB x 2 as RAID-1 and 300GB x 5 as RAID-5. Samba shares are on

Technically, New should be faster than Old. Really Not sure if it's the
Raid-5 performance issue, or hardware. Both NIC is full duplex.

With Regards,

On Mon, Aug 2, 2010 at 5:15 PM, Georgios Magklaras
<georgios biotek uio no>wrote:

>  On 08/02/2010 12:35 AM, Revnon wrote:
>> ....
>> 4)In terms of the tdb files, have you backed them up during the file
>> migration? (usually under
>> /var/lib/samba). Usually I do (see SAMBA HOW TO 41. Managing TDB files. I
>> am
>> not sure how tdb file lookup could affect performance at large.
>> Hmm, didn't move these files, as well as, secrets.tdb over.
>> Just wondering if now i move these files from OLD server to the NEW
>> server,
>> and restart SMB, will it helps?
>>  If you have the maintenance window (production server?) you should try
> moving those files as well and re-install Samba to get rid of these
> messages. I am not sure this is the cause of your problem (never heard or
> seen TDB lookups slowing down something), but it will be one pain less. Keep
> me posted as I am curious to know.
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