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RE: installing packages remotely without Yum

I am referring to groups of packages as referenced 
in anaconda or system-config-packages.

If you invoke system-config-pages and want to
install the @ editors group , it asked you for the cd s ,
which I have no access to. The system is 400 miles away.

I believe that to use rpm , I would need to know correctly
the names of hundreds of rpm s , sounds extremely
error prone ,


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On Mon, Aug 2, 2010 at 8:36 PM, Yard, John <jyard ais ucla edu> wrote:

> The installer did not install the package that included yum.
> Red Hat tech support tells me it is not possible to
> install the packages in a supported fashion.

You surely misunderstood something. As soon as your system is
registered to Red Hat Network, you can install packages using up2date
command. There is no yum before RHEL 5, but up2date is absolutely
supported and recommended way of installation/update.

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