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Cluster help!!

Dear All,

I need your help on following;

Scenario: Two RHEL 5.5 servers connected by Cisco switch. IP's are
configured on same subnet.

Purpose: I need to set up ftp server using redhat clustered storage. (Files
should be reflected on both servers).. Note there is no external storage
device!! I need to put the file on server hard disks only when in

Queries: 1. Can I configure cluster using above equipments??
2. I have installed ricci and luci on one server. and another server
contains ricci only. When I try to create cluster the process goes on
forever. I cant see any error.
3. No cluster.conf file is generated..
4. I have not installed anything other then ricci and luci on the server. Do
i need to install<http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/redhat-fedora-linux-help/167609-redhat-cluster-help.html#>redhat-cluster-software
also?? In one of the forum I read that If i install
luci thats enough.

Please suggest. I have gone through some
But confused.

What is the exact procedure for redhat clustering for common storage.?


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