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Re: SAMBA migration issue

 On 08/02/2010 01:30 PM, Revnon wrote:
I have taken offline the existing New Server and revert back to Old Server.
Now it's just as fast and normal.
Seriously no idea what wrong. Here are more info:

Old Server : Running RHEL 4.8, Samba 3.033, 1GB ram, 300GB x 2 as RAID-1
Samba shares are on RAID-1.
New Server : Hostname/IP same as Old Server. Running RHEL 5.5, Samba 3.033,
4GB ram, 146GB x 2 as RAID-1 and 300GB x 5 as RAID-5. Samba shares are on

Technically, New should be faster than Old. Really Not sure if it's the
Raid-5 performance issue, or hardware. Both NIC is full duplex.

Normally a RAID5 (soft or hardware) on a modern server should not really affect performance for the size of your volumes/drives. Anyway, you can measure that by using a utility such as 'iozone' on the RAID5 volume. In doing so, you can measure

i)raw speed from the disk on the server  AND
ii)also smbmount a server SAMBA partition and repeat the tests across the SMB connection from another Linux client box.

If you still do not find substantial performance degradation from the iozone test, you might consider also upgrading SAMBA manually by compiling your own. This is what we have done for our RHEL 5 production environment and we are running Samba 3.3.7, as we find that the RHEL distributed Samba is miles away in terms of age, bugs (and possibly performance) for the 2.6.18 kernel (RHEL 5).

George Magklaras
Senior Systems Engineer/IT Manager
Biotek Center, University of Oslo
EMBnet TMPC Chair


Tel: +47 22840535

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