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RE: RHEV Manager

Thanks for your help
- regards schedule policie about automatic provisioning, I want to know if a scheduler is a part of RHEV Manager to automate some rules such as on Monday run 5 virtual machine in more in order to handle the workload.

- regards monitoring, I want to know if it possible to monitore RHEV Manager: I don't know if RHEV Manager can alert about virtual machine state but if if the case it is possible to use or other software to get back these alerts ?


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2010/8/4 LE PALLEC Kevin <KLEPALLEC sigma fr>

> Hello,
> In order to compare some products, I need to have some informations 
> about RHEV Manager, and I use google who is my best friend for this 
> work but sometimes not really in trust. So here are my question:
> - Can RHEV Manager use virtual machine template ?
Yes, it can

> - Can RHEV Manager schedule policies about automatic provisioning ?
tell me more about this, please

> - Can RHEV Manager be used with monitoring tool such as Nagios ?
You want to monitor RHEVM or you want to deploy a virtual machine with nagios inside?


Manuel Fernando Aller
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