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Re: RHEV Manager

2010/8/4 LE PALLEC Kevin <KLEPALLEC sigma fr>

> Thanks for your help
> - regards schedule policie about automatic provisioning, I want to know if
> a scheduler is a part of RHEV Manager to automate some rules such as on
> Monday run 5 virtual machine in more in order to handle the workload.

No, you can live migrate virtual machines between hypervisors measuring the
load of the hypervisors (manager do), and you can overcommit memory and
processors (defining machines crosing over the limits of real hardware), so
if you spect growing workload for one day, you can provide more hypervisors
to balance the system in that day.

- regards monitoring, I want to know if it possible to monitore RHEV
> Manager: I don't know if RHEV Manager can alert about virtual machine state
> but if if the case it is possible to use or other software to get back these
> alerts ?

until the manager knows the state of any virtual machine (including load,
io, etc), I don't know how they communicate, so I can't say how you can read
this info (maybe you want search vdsm, libvirt and qumranet on google). On
the other hand, virtualized systems are systems, so you can monitor that
with nagios or whatever you want.

Manuel Fernando Aller

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