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Can kickstart send its logs across the network, real-time, during the installation process?

Normally my PXE+kickstart installation keeps its logs at
/mnt/sysimage/tmp/install.log. (which after first boot is simply
/tmp/install.log) But is it possible to change this so that the logs
get sent over the network to a central place? I am open to actual
choice of protocol. Maybe nfs, maybe tftp. Even perhaps a syslog sort
of daemon.

The problem is that install.log is normally not visible till the
client system successfully boots up. So first, the logs are not
visible real-time and secondly, in cases where the installation fails
I've no way of finding out what it was doing when it failed. Of
course, the actually screen or terminal does have the exact messages
but since I don't have a KVM-over-IP this requires me to do a physical
trip to the cluster room.

Any tips?


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